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You may need to sell your house fast for many reasons, Sell My House Instantly help people like you. If it's crucial that you sell your house quickly, have been threatened over repossession or need the extra cash - we can help you. Get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your available options.

Here at Sell My House Instantly, we feel every house is unique, and should therefore be valued accordingly. We create a realistic offer by doing background searches on the property, researching the local area and amenities, and the property location.

This method ensures we can give you the most competitive prices on the market, with absolutely no obligation. Your information is stored securely, so you won't be pestered by cold callers about your sale.


Great Service Really good customer service. The process was so simple. Can't recommend highly enough.
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So Fast! I still can't believe how fast the whole thing was! Received a quote within a day, thanks!
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It really helps when you have nothing to pay, as it relieves you of so much hassle & stress. No matter where your house it, whatever the condition - our goal is to give you a genuine cash offer to purchase your house, directly from you.

We promise to purchase any residential property in the UK, at the owners' convenience.

Cash Offers

Half the organisations who offer to buy your property quickly and simply, don't actually have the funds required to purchase your property. They get around this by marketing your home to third-party investors, who have the cash needed. This process can take weeks, or even months to secure, and is very liable to fall through due to breaks in the chain.

Sell My House Instantly promise that we will always communicate with you for the duration of the sale, and that we will secure a quick and simple turnaround.

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We work hard to ensure all customers are happy with the final purchase price. We've been helping people sell their houses simply & quickly for years, so we know all there is to know about the business.

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It's Tough Selling A Property

Selling your home using an estate agent, pushing to get a short sale in a short period, can be very difficult and stressful - depending on the condition & location of the property.

We work hard to ensure the service we provide is as quick and simple as can be. You won't have to worry about waiting for that sale to pull through, nor the strangers coming into your home.

So, if you're looking to sell your home, fast - contact us for a free, cash quote.

Sell My House Instantly promises to create a unique quote for your property which you are happy with.

Quick & Simple Cash Offer

We will perform a simple external survey on the exterior of your property, and after it has been reviewed, we will offer you a cash quote for your home. Various other companies which offer to purchase your property online, work based on commission - which is where we're different. We don't work through the same, commission based process, which would allow us to create a quote unique to you and your property.

Nobody is ever in the same boat, so we ensure our offers are tailored to your circumstances, and that you're happy with the price. We don't calculate this by working on percentage based figures, using postcodes and other variables - much like other companies do. We make sure our offers consider the most intricate and unique parts of your home.